Homework is to be handed in on Friday morning 

Summary of homework to be completed:
- SPELLING LIST: written out in your book each school day.  (1000 points)
- 6 WORDS: from your books (written out in your book each school day. (1000 points)
- SPELLING CONTRACT: completed and brought in on time.  (1000 points)
- MATHEMATICS: completed and brought in on time.  (1000 points) 
- READING: 20+ minutes each day, signed and brought in on time.  (1000 points)
- MATIFIC1 activity each day, or 5 in total. (1000 points)

- You can print out the HOMEWORK SLIP or take some from the classroom.



Books you are reading 

Choose 6 words from books that you are reading. In class, you will form pairs and test these 6 words with each other.
  • ........ 

Phonological words (How word and letter combinations sound)
    More compound words
    • daydream
    • backfire
    • spaceship
    • playground
    • backyard
    • peacock
    • pipeline
    • fairytale
    • tiptoe
    • sunshine
    • outside
    • homesick
    • outlaw
    • airport
    • bushwalk
    • butterfly
    • grasshopper
    • keyboard
    • lighthouse
    • silverfish

    Morphemic words (Word building)

    -ful Meaning: full of
    • beautiful
    • colourful
    • cupful

    Etymological words (Word meanings, origins and history)
    • salary comes from the Latin salarium; the payment for salt.

    Visual words
    • point
    • special
    • tough

    KLA words (adjectives)
    • intriguing 
    • obnoxious
    • incalculable

    Spelling Contract 
    Read the choices below to decide what activities you would like to complete using your spelling words.  You may choose any combination of activities as long as they add up to 100 points or more.  Put the point value next to each activity in your spelling book.  Add all the total points and circle them on the top page.  Have Fun!

    GREEN = 20 Points      RED = 30 Points    BLUE  = 40 Points

    Activities with * do not need to be written in cursive (running writing). Activities with ** will need to have their parents sign that they have completed the task. Try not to do the same activities 2 weeks in a row.
    • ABC order: Write your words in cursive in alphabetical order.
    • Reversed words: Write your words in cursive in ABC order -backwards!
    • *Rainbow Words: Write your words with the vowels in one colour and the consonants in another colour.
    • Backwards Words: Write your words forwards in cursive, then backwards.
    • Picture words: Draw and colour a picture and hide your words in cursive in the picture.
    • *Technology Words: Type your word list in MS Word.  Each word must be in a different font or colour.
    • GeoGreeting: Use this website to create 10 of your spelling words. These words are made out of buildings from around the world! 
    • *Triangle Words: Write your words adding or subtracting one letter at a time. The result will be a triangle shape of words.
    • Wordle: Create a Wordle, Tagul or Tagxedo of all your words. The more you type a word the larger it will appear. Print it out and then stick it in to your homework book
    • Choo Choo Words: Write your words in cursive connecting all the words.  Write each word in a different colour.
    • VozMe: Type your words into the box on this page -> hit Create mp3 -> listen and then download the mp3. Even MORE fun if you type in silly sentences with your words! Send them using [Send File] (parents help may be needed).
    • Text Craft: Use the Text Craft website to create 10 of your spelling words in different fonts and styles.
    • Missing Consonants: Write your spelling words, leaving blank spaces for all consonants. Example: __a__ __ e__ (answer: carpet)
    • Missing Vowels: Write your spelling words, leaving blank spaces for all vowel letters. Examples: bl__ck =black l__st =list b__x =box
    • Proofreading Practice: Pick 5 spelling words. For each word write a group of words that look like your spelling word, but are misspelled slightly. Don’t forget to include the correct spelling word to the group of words, too. Then highlight/colour the correct spelling Example: righht, rite, right, rihgt
    • Morse Code: Use Morse Code to spell 10 of your words. It is a series of dots (1 count) and dashes (3 counts).  Check out this image, to see the international (NATO) Morse Code so you can practice
    • [New] Timer: Set a 3 minute timer and see how many words from your spelling list you can write before the buzzer goes off.
    • [New] Draw 'em: Draw as many of your spelling words as you can and make sure to annotated.
    • Silly sentences: Write 10 cursive sentences using words beginning with the letters from your words. Example for spelling word 'trains'Tommy ran and ignored Neal's situation.
    • Ransom words: Write 10 of your words by cutting out letters in a newspaper or magazine and gluing them into your homework book, beside your word written in cursive.
    • Magazine words: Use an old magazine or newspaper, and find your words. Cut it out, and glue them into your paper beside your word written in cursive.
    • Comic Strip: Use the template and create a comic strip that uses at least 3 of your spelling words. Click here and print out the template. 
    • Syllable Spelling: Write your words in cursive, then separate according to the syllables. Con-tract
    • *Ambidextrous Words: Write your words with your right hand and left hand.
    • Word Search: Make and complete a word search on www.puzzlemaker.com
    • The Conversation: Pick 10 of your spelling words and write a dialogue between two characters using the words. Be sure to use quotation marks around the words that are being said by a character. Underline each spelling word. Example: “Hey Jack, do you want to skate to the park?” asked Matt.  Jack replied, “I would love to but where is that place?”
    • Antonyms: Choose 10 spelling words and write an antonym next to each word. An antonym is a word that means the opposite. Use a dictionary or thesaurus for help, if needed.
    • Acrostic Poem: Choose one of your spelling words.  Write an acrostic poem for that word. You must also ILLUSTRATE your poem.
    • Trace around: Write each of your spelling words using a pencil. Then trace around, in concentric circles, each word with a crayon, colored pencil, or a marker.
    • [NEW] Synonyms: Choose 10 spelling words and next to each one write a synonym. A synonym is a word that means the same. Use a dictionary or thesaurus for help.
    • [NEW] Word Cousins: Choose 5 spelling words and put them into a word bank at the top of your paper. Write 5 clues relating to each word and leave a blank after the clues. The words can be related by similar categories. Examples: Coat, raincoat, hat,____________ (answer: jacket) Toast, ice-cream, trifle, __________(answer: jelly).
    • Dictionary Check: Complete the dictionary check spelling sheet.  (click here or make your own)
    • Story words: Write a short story in cursive using all of your words.
    • Maths Spelling: Complete a Spelling with a Maths Twist sheet. (click here or make your own)
    • Secret Agent Words: Write a code for each letter of the alphabet, then write each word in cursive, then in code. (click here or make your own)
    • Sentence Building: Complete a sentence building sheet. (click here for instructions.)
    • Crossword: Make and complete a crossword puzzle using www.puzzlemaker.com
    • Scrabble Tiles: Pick 10 spelling words and use your Scrabble tiles to build the words. Add up the value of the letters in each of your spelling words. Number your paper and list your words in order from the lowest value to the greatest value. Example: house h (4) + o (1) + u (1) + s (1) + e (1) = 8 (click here to view tiles)
    • Telephone Words: Choose 10 spelling words. Translate your words into numbers using the telephone keypad and add up the value of each letter. Number your paper and write the word and its value. Example: block= b (2) + l (5) + o (6) + c (2) + k (5) = 20 (click here to view keypad)
    • Silly Sentences: Choose 5 of your spelling words and write 5 silly sentences. Underline each spelling word. Choose one of your silly sentences and illustrate it. Example: The long line at the grocery store was empty.
    • Definition Match: Choose 5 of your spelling words. List these words on the left side and then write the definitions of each word on the right side but in the wrong order.
    • TV Commercial: Write a 30 second TV commercial using all of your spelling words.
    • 3D Words: Using Lego, Play-doh or other building material, construct 5 spelling words. Take a photo to record your creation.
    • Spelling Poem: Write a poem using several of your spelling words.  Underline the words that you use.  Illustrate your poem.
    • Storyboard: Create a nine celled board in Storyboard Creator that uses at least 9 of your spelling words. You will need to log in to be able to save and print this task
    • [New] Song Writing: Write a new song to an old tune (Jingle Bells, Mary Had a Little Lamb, etc.) that uses several of your spelling words.