Thursday, 31 May 2018

Assignment: Why do we need to recycle? Due: Monday July 2nd (Week 10)

Why do we need to recycle?
Learning Intention: To understand the process of recycling and its importance to sustain our environment.

Task: Create a slide presentation about 'Why do we need to recycle?" You will be given five weeks to complete this task. It MUST include a bibliography (keep track of your websites/where you get your information from as you go). To help you keep on track, try complete an activity every few days.

Success criteria (slide presentation requirements):
  • Title slide
  • 2-3 slides on recycling logos and the different types of recycling
  • 1 slide on the process of a recyclable material
  • 1 slide of a table of items you recycled in your house
  • 1 slide of pictures of the recycling bins you made (paper and plastic)
  • 3 slides on what items can be recycled (paper, plastic and glass)
  • 1-2 slides on the importance of recycling
  • Bibliography

Your work needs to be brought in and presented on

Monday July 2nd (Week 10)

Activity 1

Research the different types of recycling there are. Put this information on your slides, including the symbols and bins that are used.

Activity 2

Pick a recyclable item, on your slide draw the process of how this item gets recycled. Starting from when it is first manufactured.

Activity 3

Within your household, create a paper waste bin and a plastic waste bin. Put your newly designed logos on these bins. Encourage your family to use the recycling bins. At the end of one week, record in a table the items put in the recycling bins. Draw up your table into a slide on your presentation. Upload photos of your bins to your slide as well.

Activity 4

Create 3 slides, on each slide design a new recycling logo. Put lots of images of what can be recycled into that bin.

Activity 5

Now that you know how to recycle, write 1-2 slides about why we MUST recycle to sustain our environment.

Activity 6

Prepare a talk that goes with your slide presentation that you will be presenting to your class in week 10. Your presentation must go for 1 to 3 minutes.