Monday, 18 June 2018

Assembly Rehearsal -The Dreadful Menace and The Ski-Jump Scare

For our assembly item we are going to perform The Dreadful Menace (from the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 Trailer) as well as Allison's response ' The Ski-Jump Scare'.

This is from work we were doing in class about Imagery, visually descriptive or figurative language. Figurative language includes several types of language like personification, hyperbole, simile, metaphor, onomatopoeia, etc.

These recordings are from rehearsal we have had in class. Hopefully we will have the perfect by for the assembly.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Can you solve the multiplication with written methods?

This program needs Flash. 
Click to play 'Written multiplication game'
Click on image to begin

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Assignment: Why do we need to recycle? Due: Monday July 2nd (Week 10)

Why do we need to recycle?
Learning Intention: To understand the process of recycling and its importance to sustain our environment.

Task: Create a slide presentation about 'Why do we need to recycle?" You will be given five weeks to complete this task. It MUST include a bibliography (keep track of your websites/where you get your information from as you go). To help you keep on track, try complete an activity every few days.

Success criteria (slide presentation requirements):
  • Title slide
  • 2-3 slides on recycling logos and the different types of recycling
  • 1 slide on the process of a recyclable material
  • 1 slide of a table of items you recycled in your house
  • 1 slide of pictures of the recycling bins you made (paper and plastic)
  • 3 slides on what items can be recycled (paper, plastic and glass)
  • 1-2 slides on the importance of recycling
  • Bibliography

Your work needs to be brought in and presented on

Monday July 2nd (Week 10)

Activity 1

Research the different types of recycling there are. Put this information on your slides, including the symbols and bins that are used.

Activity 2

Pick a recyclable item, on your slide draw the process of how this item gets recycled. Starting from when it is first manufactured.

Activity 3

Within your household, create a paper waste bin and a plastic waste bin. Put your newly designed logos on these bins. Encourage your family to use the recycling bins. At the end of one week, record in a table the items put in the recycling bins. Draw up your table into a slide on your presentation. Upload photos of your bins to your slide as well.

Activity 4

Create 3 slides, on each slide design a new recycling logo. Put lots of images of what can be recycled into that bin.

Activity 5

Now that you know how to recycle, write 1-2 slides about why we MUST recycle to sustain our environment.

Activity 6

Prepare a talk that goes with your slide presentation that you will be presenting to your class in week 10. Your presentation must go for 1 to 3 minutes.

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Excursion Photos

Some great photos of our class during our excursion to The Rocks and Hyde Park Barracks.

Excursion: The Rocks

Friday, 25 May 2018

Additional Homework Task: Convict Report and Poster

Convict Report and Poster

Task 1
Investigate a convict and create a detailed report about his crimes and description. The report should be neatly hand written and presented with a self drawn Wanted Poster of your convict.

Task 2
Create a self drawn wanted poster for the convict (in pencil only)

Image result for convict australia

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Logo Programming

For those students who are interested in learning raw programming (no GUI interface). It is a very basic program, although there are some quite advance things you can do with it, if you are willing to spend the time.

The repeat command is one of the easiest and most useful commands to use. repeat 4 [fd 10 rt 90]

It is also important to remember the correct spacing.

If you make something interesting bring a print out in, or use sendfile, along with the code you used.

Enjoy :)

Monday, 19 March 2018

Assignment: Who were the early navigators and explorers in the age of discovery? Due Monday 9th April

Assignment Due: Monday 9th April

For your assignment, you need to research and present your work on one of the early explorers or navigators from the age of discovery (1400-1799). Captain Cook should not be chosen, was studied last year.

Your research should include the following information:
  • Facts about your explorer.
  • What voyages they made.
  • Why they made them.
  • What impact it had on other cultures (Important).
  • Other Inquiry questions to supports your research.
  • Both Primary and Secondary sources to support your presentation
You will present your PowerPoint presentation (or other appropriate software) in the last week of the term (Monday 9th April). A random name generator will choose the order of the presentations.

Primary and Secondary sources
A primary source is an original document or other material that has not been changed in any way. It is a reliable first-hand account usually written at or near the time the event(s) occurred. Primary sources are better than secondary sources. Secondary sources are documents based on primary sources.

Example of Primary Sources
  • Letters
  • Manuscripts
  • Diaries
  • Journals
  • Memoirs
  • Maps
  • Photographs
  • Objects or Artifacts
Captain Cook's Journal 1775 (more information)

Example of Secondary Sources
  • Most work that includes/discusses primary sources.
  • Most books about a topic.
  • Articles about a topic, especially by people not directly involved.
  • Documentaries